About us

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Law’s International Development Research Group has been established as a thematically diverse but theoretically and methodologically inclusive group. It champions interdisciplinary research and reaches out to other Faculties within the University and beyond. The group brings together social scientists who work on the problems of the social world as well as those who study the linkages between the social and natural worlds. The themes explored by the members are focused on the Global Challenges confronting us currently and in future. While group members predominantly draw on the challenges faced by the Global South, it also recognises and encourages researchers that work on the implications of the actions and decisions carried out within the Global North.

The group exists to offer an intellectual space for colleagues across the Faculty and the University inclined towards International Development. It is an instrumental place to think innovatively, and benefit from the wealth of collective knowledge the group has. It is a supportive research group where members can share fresh analysis, new research ideas, publications or come to network and collaborate for new research bids. In pursuing this goal, and to disseminate our up-to-date research findings to the wider public, the group organises public lectures from time to time.

The group has and continues to explore the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) extensively via our monthly Bristol Global Challenges and Development Seminar Series. This series also hosts seminars on issues of global development that are unconnected to the SDGs. All seminars are run in collaboration with the Cabot Institute.

The group is interested in developing intellectual agenda for International Development within the University. It is particularly keen to work collectively to develop research agenda able to exploit funding opportunities such as GCRF as well as EU and other opportunities. It also engages with relevant local groups and NGOs to seek collaborative opportunities for impact oriented academic research.  The group consequently welcomes requests from those who wish to be linked to local organisations that work on International Development.

Colleagues and doctoral students who would like to join the group and/or wish to  collaborate in International Development research from both within the University and outside of it, are invited to contact Tigist Grieve (tigist.grieve@bristol.ac.uk).

See our site at the University of Bristol here.